Our 'Bolt-on Video Service' is the ultimate top up for your existing communications or marketing function, enabling you to get the specific additional expertise you need, when you need them and allowing you to run a very lean and efficient everyday content operation.

Perhaps you need an additional camera operator or sound crew with equipment, to help you cover a particularly important event and be sure of getting the best shots possible for your social media newsreel piece?

Maybe you're undertaking a more complex project or are working with students to deliver a video and would value a Director, to give shape to the piece and keep it on track?

Perhaps your communications or marketing team are experienced at filming and editing video packages but you would benefit from a professional presenter to strengthen your message or maybe you're held back by post production challenges (editing, audio processing and mastering)?

Or maybe you could just use a specially crafted 'Brand Ident' (a short clip that presents your brand to the viewer) to put at the beginning of all your videos, to unify the look and feel of your output and ensure viewers know where to find you.

Whatever your situation, whatever you need, Mediapack has a bolt-on function that can not only fill in missing pieces of your content operation but also empower your teams to produce ever better work. That's why Mediapack is the most comprehensive, flexible and modular content creation service - it allows you to use the skills you have in-house and simply supplement them with ours when you need to, turning your content operation into a production powerhouse!

There are too many potential scenarios to outline but here's a list of a few bolt-on applications:

  • Mediapack Content Audit - a good starting point to see where your opportunities lie. We look at all your current channels and activity and report back on what we find and how we think you could use video more effectively
  • Strategic Video Plan  - we can advise your communications or marketing team on the best way both to create individual videos and build a strong, ongoing, operation to help you achieve your goals
  • Production Crew Hire - supplying you with additional camera or audio operators with equipment - we film to your direction, give you the footage and you produce your video
  • Producer or Director Hire - get expertise that can really improve filming efficiency and the quality of your final output
  • Presenter Hire - putting a professional face to your videos can make a huge difference to engagement.
  • Brand Idents & Animated Logo Sequences - brand your videos with engaging opening sequences and make sure your audience knows what you're about and where to find you
  • Editing Services - you've got the footage, we've got the skills (and the studio) - let's make lots of videos! We can take your raw footage and create a finished video from it
  • Audio Processing & Mastering - the MOST overlooked aspect of video. We'll enhance your audio files and deliver back a fully mastered and loudness maximised soundtrack
  • Video Mastering - taking your final edit, making it look as good as it can and creating a master file that will perform best on your chosen channel
  • Channel set up, optimisation and management - you make the videos, we'll help you get your channel set up and optimised so you can start building your audience

If you think you might need all of these, there's always our 'Full Service' package or we can train your staff and provide ongoing coaching and support through our 'Remote Support' package.

All these functions can bolt-on to either your own operation or to one of our other video packages, it's that flexible. Costs for these services are highly affordable and vary depending on the requirements. You can hire a Director for instance from £150 per day plus costs or get Studio Services from £50 per hour.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a 'Content Audit'.