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In June 2016, Maximus Media took the decision to split off Mediapack from its main business and turn it into a new company in its own right.  This gives clear separation between Maximus and Mediapack, with Maximus focussing solely on original content, its multi-channel network and IP and Mediapack being a client services operation.

This move makes little difference to the structure and offering of Mediapack, except to strengthen its focus on delivering an exceptionally strong content offering to small and medium sized organisations.  All the key components of the Mediapack Digital Toolkit will remain and, such as pro-grade video production and skills workshops. There will also be new services coming on stream, such as a ‘social audit’ and consulting package.

The plan is for Mediapack to be the most comprehensive digital content creation offering on the market, adaptable both to meet the needs of clients and agencies alike.  Its affordable pricing structure, comprehensive technical filming capabilities and expertise in all areas of digital content production makes Mediapack the perfect partner for any small business.

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