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It’s August already and we’re just starting to emerge from a really busy six month block of work. So busy in fact that this is the first blog post we’ve had time to write since February! Ordinarily, we’d be able to fit in the usual tasks of updating the website, putting together case studies and collating content, around our core client work but the project we’re just coming out of required all hands to the pumps.

We’ll be putting together some individual case studies on recent projects over the coming weeks but to give you an overview of our 2017 so far, we’ve been almost exclusively delivering projects for British Canoeing – the National Governing body of the sport and a long standing client.

2017 is a big year for the organisation and it all began with the launch of their new strategy for the sport, which will guide activity for the foreseeable future.  This was a huge project undertaken by the new senior management in British Canoeing and we were brought in to help shape the launch of the strategy at a major event held at the MacDonald Hotel in Manchester and the Manchester Museum. We produced a series of short videos explaining many of the different strategy components and we also produced showreels of performance achievements and a rousing intro sequence designed to get those in attendance fired up and focussed on what was to come.

Following straight on from the launch event in Manchester, we were straight into pre-production for a series all about canoeing showing on Sky Sports Arena, again for British Canoeing. We took part in talks with Sky just a day after the conclusion of the launch in Manchester so the motorway miles certainly ramped up that week. The show, which is called ‘Go Canoe!’ has just started airing (show 3 out of 8 is about to air in four days time) and we produced two 3-4 minute magazine style packages for each show, to sit alongside coverage of the ICF World Cups and Championships.  That’s 16 individual packages delivered in just over two months!

Both projects saw Mediapack’s Managing Director Helen Reeves presenting to camera and handling all the production management.  She also presented live at the launch event for the strategy presentation, alongside BBC East Midlands’ Mark Shardlow.  Creative Director Roger Burlinson directed, filmed and edited all the content.

Individual case studies for each project will follow in the coming weeks but for now, having each completed an endurance race straight after the Go Canoe! project largely wrapped (Roger took part in a 100km ultra marathon, Helen the ‘swim/run’ in the Lake District) both are taking a little time out, understandably!

The second half of the year is shaping up to be just as dynamic with a major push on Mediapack’s ‘remote support’ offering coming towards the end of summer, alongside new client projects and further episodes of business show ‘Silent Partner’ coming through.


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