Background and brief
Dialogue International is a global independent communications agency network, with 17 agencies in 26 different countries. Each year, all the agencies meet in a different city for their annual Dialogue Creative Forum and Dialogue Managers' Meeting. The event is hosted by the local Dialogue agency for the host city and we were commissioned to produce two newsreel packages for the Cambridge event, to act as recruiter content for the main Dialogue website.

Blending newsreel with promo
The first film painted a portrait of the Creative Forum, where mixed teams from Dialogue agencies work over two days to prepare a 'live pitch' presentation to a real client, based on a real life marketing scenario. The second film featured the agency heads talking about the benefits of the Dialogue Network to them and was focussed on attracting new agency members.

Filming included the acquisition of interviews both with staff and agency heads to generate key messages, while general background filming took place throughout the weekend to build a stock of footage for both packages. This included showing the tense atmosphere in the pitching room, discussions in the managers' meeting, as well as city views and time lapses of Cambridge to add visual interest.

"This is my Dialogue"

How we made a difference
Given the newsreel style, emphasis would always be on reporting the events that were taking place and getting across key massages. This could have led to a somewhat dry presentation but we felt that the creativity and energy of each element of the event were, visually, it's key strength and so we wanted to bring this to life in the look and feel of the videos. We also created a hook line that each person interviewed would be asked to say - "This is MY Dialogue" -  to build a sense of personal investment in and ownership of both the organisation and the event itself.

We filmed in an observational style, utilised the very best settings within the venue to make the most of lighting and background and placed emphasis on the visual quality of every shot. We also captured images of the iconic city of Cambridge itself, from a time-lapse of 'punting' on the river to a student in her gown walking down a narrow alley. In the edit, we created dynamic animated text blocks at the beginning of each film to explain the purpose of the two gatherings and these fitted with the event's own graphical style.

Key Benefits
When the brief was originally brought to us, the emphasis was very much on reporting what was taking place at that event and creating content that could be used for a short time, pending the launch of a new website. We are very proud that the videos we produced are still the representative content explaining what Dialogue is all about on their homepage, some years after their delivery.

The first video below is the Creative Forum showreel and the second is the Managers' Meeting promo.

Dialogue International Creative Forum

Dialogue International Managers Film

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