Our 'full service' package is the closest Mediapack gets to the traditional video production model. It's everything you'd expect and much more. We take care of the whole process, from interpreting your initial ideas, through creative concepts to production, upload, sub-titling (if needed) and metadata optimisation. We can even produce audio descriptions for the visually impaired. Regardless of the scale of your ambition, we design the right solution for you, using whatever tools and techniques are needed to achieve your vision. Nothing more, nothing less.

We pride ourselves on the value we bring to every project, not just in terms of our pricing structure but also the level of creative and editorial input we provide as standard.  We believe that the production should always serve the story, not the other way around and so the guidance and feedback we give as standard on every job will always add value to your project. With Mediapack, while you'll always get stunning visuals, you won't be encouraged to invest in filming techniques that fit our equipment specification or are 'on trend'. With us it's always about how best we can tell your story and if the story needs it, we'll recommend it!

Fees for our 'full service' package are not only highly competitive they're guaranteed to be best value - filming starts at £350 plus costs per full day for a single 'Self Shooting Director' (including camera, sound and lighting). All our crew are hand picked, not just for their technical and creative abilities but also for their editorial judgement, which means that you'll never have to compromise either on the look or the substance of your content.

If your project needs more than just a 'Self Shooting Director', we can provide a full crew including static, stabilised and aerial cameras, multitrack sound and full production lighting. If green screen's your thing, we can select appropriate studio space and deliver the whole shoot. If you want to use animation, we'll direct and oversee production by animation specialists to ensure your vision is realised.

Most importantly though we're story tellers, so we can help you translate your promotional aims into content that will really engage your audience.



We produce brand focussed film and video content that really engages an audience, regardless of the platform, so whether you need 'social video', other online formats or even your own TV show, we have a solution that will fit perfectly. We're specialists in the social space - creating dynamic packages for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram - but that's just one part of the video landscape. We're equally active and experienced in producing landing page videos for websites, promos, product profiles, client testimonials, information films or even online magazine shows.  At the core of it all is story telling and that's what we really excel at, so even if your business operates in a market that you think holds little or no interest to those outside, we’ll find the story and make it work!


The internet is saturated with content and it's never been more important to be distinctive while delivering real visual quality and production value. We've worked within some of the world’s most dynamic sports and entertainment genres and understand the key drivers that are needed to make any piece of content catch a viewer's attention. If you wish to use professional ‘talent’ in your video, we’ve worked with Olympic Champions, supermodels, business leaders, politicians and TV personalities but most importantly, we know how to draw the best performance out of anyone, even if they are just a nervous member of your own team. We have over twenty years experience in the production business and can bring our expertise and production management skills to your projects to ensure you get the best possible results.


With Mediapack you’re not only guaranteed great visuals and the most effective storyline but great value as well because if you receive a like for like proposal from another production company, with cheaper fees than ours (assuming it's not just a loss leader), we’ll beat it!

If you're thinking of working with students or novice film makers, why not consider hiring a Mediapack Director to guide and oversee the process. See our 'Video Tool kit' page for more details.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch our showreels