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Mediapack, the responsive digital media toolkit from Maximus Media is now live!

Mediapack has been born out of high level media and communications support activity in both sport and business, from the creation and management of YouTube channels to the handling of all digital output for a major sport at the London Olympic Games.

The prototype for the service has also been extensively road tested in the small business community, where major needs have been identified. It is ideally suited to organisations with big ambitions but limited resources, in terms of in-house capabilities. Mediapack contains both serviced and remote options, giving businesses total flexibility. It is designed to sit alongside an organisation’s existing operations, providing bolt on functions that enhance their capability.

The breadth of the Mediapack approach and the way the service fits precisely with any organisation’s existing capability is best explained through a video scenario. Customers can gain video content in a number of ways with Mediapack: They can commission a video in the normal way; get training through our ‘Video Starter Workshops’ to develop their own skills to be able to deliver some content themselves or get remote editorial support or direction, to guide a video project – perhaps overseeing a student or graduate who is producing a video for them. They can also purchase specially filmed stock footage to use within their own in-house video productions or Mediapack can create a special animated logo sequence that can be placed either end of a video to improve brand visibility.

The responsive structure of the Mediapack offering, whatever the specific element being commissioned means that whatever an organisation’s goal, whatever the in-house capability, Mediapack can bolt on a solution that will help them achieve their goals and get better results. The service has five basic ‘Toolkit’ elements – Film and Video, Social Content, Skills Workshops, Media Operations and Live Presentation. Within each of these five service elements, there are specific tools that can bring real benefit to small businesses, such as the setting up of social media channels prior to populating them with our content, advice on content planning and developing traditional media opportunities, even on camera training – to be able to get their message across more effectively on video.

Mediapack is not an alternative to a communications or PR agency offering, it is designed in fact to sit alongside and enhance small agency services, providing specialist technical capabilities they might not hold in-house.  Mediapack is also the perfect solution for organisations who don’t have the resources to engage an agency but for whom the technical need is just a great. Mediapack services can be purchase individually on an ad hoc basis or organisations can purchase a retained package to give them a guaranteed quantity of work on a weekly or monthly basis.

Such is the scope of the Mediapack Digital Toolkit that it truly represents a revolution in small business communications. Finally, there is an option for all those businesses that want to achieve more with their social media, video or press relations but don’t have the technical expertise in house.

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