What is a Mediapack?
'Mediapacks' are mostly found in sport and other high profile business genres that regularly engage with the media. A 'Mediapack', is a brochure or document that sets out important information about teams, athletes or an organisation - its people, products or services.

At Mediapack, we've taken this communications tool and transformed it from printed document or static PDF, into a powerful digital video tool that can work to promote any business, sport or organisation.

What's in a Mediapack?
We've taken the core components of the traditional Mediapack and turned them into a personalised package of video clips that can be deployed on websites, social media feeds and other digital channels. Our Mediapacks can replace static content and so can increase engagement and visibility within online searches.

For sport, our Mediapacks can contain team or athlete profiles, competition reporting tools such as scoring or match fixture clips and even updatable personalised player stats during the season. Packages can be focussed either on the team as a whole, on each individual player or athlete or be a mixture of the two - perhaps picking out key players for additional profile. For competition reporting, our Mediapacks are designed to drive engagement on Twitter first and foremost but they can also work on all other platforms.

For business, our Mediapacks focus more on the need for organisations to have a vibrant and engaging 'About Us' section on its website.  They replace static content with video versions of company profiles, product or service offerings and 'meet the team' pages, bringing the organisation to life for its customers and engaging with them on a very human level. The value and importance of having a high quality 'About Us' section on a website is well known but the additional benefit of having a Mediapack version, is that this content can also be deployed across social channels to continuously reinforce your organisation's status and values.

How does it work?
All the components of a Mediapack are built around standard templates, to deliver the highest visual value at an affordable price for all. There is scope within each package for some personalisation, so you need never worry that your Mediapack will look identical to anyone else's. We offer a set menu of clip types per package genre and there are additional personalised 'bolt-on' options that can be added onto a standard package to meet almost any requirement.

We come to your premises and film all the sequences needed to create the package you've requested and then integrate them with the template content to create all the  clips for your finished Mediapack. We can also take footage filmed by clients (to our specification) if that is preferred and build the clips from content provided.  Whatever works best for you!

Normally, acquiring the footage to build a Mediapack will require a day's filming and then there would be one to two days studio time, (depending on the level of complexity) to complete the package. Fees are fixed per package type and charged with the addition of location filming expenses (which are charged at cost) to give complete pricing transparency. Additional bolt-on package option charges will be added to the base price for the package if requested. Prices start from around £750 for a full service production package.

Mediapacks are a new offering and will go fully live in late Spring 2019. Meanwhile, if you think a Mediapack would help your team or business, we'd love to hear from you. Click the button below for more information.

If you'd like to see the power of video profiles for athletes or staff members, take a look at this profile of Tennis Development Coach - Mekaya Gittens, filmed as a part of Project 500's More Women Better Coaching project.


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