Mediapack Originals is a new division of Mediapack dedicated to original entertainment and factual content for broadcast and online.

We have been producing factual TV style content for our own online channels since 2008 and have also delivered a range of shows and films in collaboration with clients.

Social Media is a highly congested and noisy place and it's increasingly hard for brands to stand out among the millions of clips and videos released daily, if the content being released is simply representing a brand message or showcasing a brand product.

At Mediapack, we've specialised in creating 'brand focussed factual entertainment' for many years, helping organisations reach different audiences or connect more with their target group. It's all about story telling, which is what we do best!

The simple principle is to stop trying to promote yourself or your products to the audience and to provide them instead with something they will value - a documentary, a magazine show, a film - that has widespread appeal but which is able, subtly, to feature elements of the product or service the brand wishes to promote. Mediapack's Creative Director and corporate documentary maker Roger Burlinson explains:

"It's all about the soft sell - give people something of value that will entertain them and they will lend you their attention for a period of time. When they discover it's produced by or in association with a brand they will appreciate that brand more because they have enjoyed the show or film. This is not a radical approach. Brands in the adventure sport and lifestyle markets for instance have been doing it for decades. Arguably the greatest exponent of 'brand focussed factual entertainment' is Red Bull. Anyone can be a Red Bull, in terms of the approach they take and the value they get from their content output. The only difference is the budget!"

If you would like more information about how Mediapack can create an original content plan for your organisation, drop us a line.

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