Just because you have a social media operation, it doesn't mean you should ignore the traditional media when promoting your business or brand. While social media has revolutionised small business promotion, the mainstream media still represents the best way to reach the largest audience quickly.

Broadcasters and newspapers need news content on a daily basis, not just to feed their primary channels but to keep their websites and social medial outlets stocked with the very latest stories and this represents a great secondary opportunity for your social output.  The key to getting coverage is to deliver ready formed content to them - content they can trust, content they know their audience will respond to.

Broadcasters are also keen to look at potential new content ideas to help them stand up to the the new 'FAANG' threat (Facebook, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Google). If what you do could be of interest to the public or if you own an event format, either in sport or a lifestyle activity, the mainstream TV world could be open to you and we can help you make it happen.

For newsreel output, we've supported both traditional and digital media operations at the highest level and understand the key factors that can make all the difference when seeking to get your story on TV news, in print or online. We've run press and media centres at high level sports events, created client copy for magazines, delivered newsreel footage to the BBC, ITV and Sky News.  We've even hosted TV journalists and filmed their pieces for them, to ensure our client received coverage for their news story.

We've also devised TV style online magazine shows and have produced package content for mainstream broadcast, so we can help you identify specific formats that could work for your ideas.  We can produce online pilots that can be used to sell in your idea to broadcasters and even handle the creative pitch if required.

So whether you just want to get a little exposure on your local TV news, syndicate your social video to a newspaper website to top up your audience or come up with the next big TV show, we can help you get the exposure you seek.