We specialise in brand focussed film and video content that really engages an audience. We create landing page videos, promos, product profiles, client testimonials, information films and magazine shows. 

We build engaging, interesting and ultimately empowering stories, so even if your business operates in a market that you think holds little or no interest to those outside, we’ll find the story and make it work!

If you want to make a visual impact, we've worked within some of the world’s most dynamic sports and entertainment genres, so big visuals are our cup of tea.  If you want to use professional ‘talent’ in your video, we’ve worked with Olympic Champions, supermodels, business leaders, politicians and TV personalities but most importantly, we know how to draw the best performance out of anyone, even if they are just a nervous member of your own team.


We can also provide a ‘bolt-on’ production and direction service if you wish to film and edit in-house or collaborate with students and would value some professional oversight.  We have over twenty years experience in the production business and can bring our expertise and production management skills to your projects to ensure you get the best possible results.


The presentation of your video is as important as the video itself, so why not consider creating a special video landing page to show off your masterpiece? We can guide you through the technical process or liaise with your web suppliers or agents to ensure the video master fits exactly their needs. There are so many more options to displaying video than simply embedding a YouTube clip in a web page and it's important to think about the presentation before production begins. Why not get in touch for a chat about how we could help you get the most out of your video?


With Mediapack you’re not only guaranteed great visuals and the most effective storyline but great value as well, because if you receive a like for like proposal from another production company, with cheaper fees than ours (assuming the fees are not a special offer or loss leader), we’ll match it!

Don’t just take our word for it, watch our showreels