The Safer 24 Hours project was a production with multiple components that, together, provided the city of Southampton with a broad promotional resource both for public display online and also for screening in meetings and workshops.

Our original brief was to produce an in depth promotional film, looking at the work of the Safe City Partnership over a 24 hour period. We suggested breaking the project up into smaller segments, with a visually engaging overview film and a number of short themed supporting videos on key subjects to accompany it.

Key to the success of the main film from our perspective would be its 'watchability'. Public Sector information films can be notoriously utilitarian and we wanted to create a film that would not only project the important safety information required but which would also give an uplifting portrait of life in the city. Better to deliver cautionary messages in a positive way by stressing what people can do, rather than simply telling them what they shouldn't do.

Visual value for the main film then was critical and so we placed great emphasis on creating footage that would look more at home in a tourist promo than a City Safety video. We divided it into four key time segments - early morning and travelling to work, mid morning focussed on safety in the home, leisure time looking at recreational initiatives and the night time economy focussed on support, transport and policing.

We also structured the film as a loop, reflecting the 24 hour cycle with the first and last words of the narrater being identical, to signify that the City Council and its partners are at work constantly. The film was placed on the Safe City Partnership's YouTube channel, as well as a dedicated website (which has since been absorbed into other corporate sites). All the films were also played on display screens within the city at various times.

The other videos in the series covered specifics about safety in certain circumstances, such as staying safe when going out in the city, looking after your personal possessions, staying safe at night and a map showing the locations of various support services.

The video below is the main promotional film.

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