What do we mean by 'Social Video'? It's engaging and entertaining video content that's designed specifically for a social media audience, as opposed to promotional video which is focussed more on showcasing the qualities or characteristics of your brand or selling products and services. Social Video is the single most effective type of content on social media and we know how to do it just right!

Social Video should be viewed as 'entertainment' or a gift to the viewer that has the power to inform, influence and engage. It embraces both edited and live content and getting it right is all about focussing on the basics - creating engaging stories and visuals that people will actually want to consume, not simply scroll over.

Just like TV, Social Video needs to be distinctive, tell a strong story and grab viewers' attention from the outset. Social timelines are crowded spaces and audiences are highly discerning. Simply having a compelling offer or great product range isn't enough!

We can create content for every major social network, tailored for the platform's specific characteristics, so it will look great and work effectively. We can take even the roughest idea and shape it into a finished piece that will excel, so it doesn't matter if you've only got a concept in mind - we can handle everything from there.

But there's more to the social space than just timeline content. We can design 'cover videos', pre-roll Youtube advertising or Instagram video loops too and if you have the right content opportunity to make good use of 'live video' on any of the platforms that offer it, we can guide you or produce the broadcast for you.



Mediapack Social Video also works for agencies because it is primarily focussed on production delivery, rather than conceptuals. You've got the ideas, we've got the production capabilities and a creative focus that means our technical solutions will pair up seamlessly with your concepts. Whether you specialise in Comms, Web, PR or Digital, our ability to tell stories and generate great content, can fill any gaps in your in-house capability. Call us to discuss how Mediapack can enhance your agency offering.

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