The brief
Suffolk Wildlife Trust needed a promotional video to showcase key projects they'd supported in their area, together with some social media clips to motivate their audience to support the campaign for a wilder Suffolk. With a limited budget and only a single day where all the contributors could be gathered together in one place, the project needed to make use of user generated content alongside the interviews and material we would film on the day.

"The user generated content blended seamlessly into the package"

How we brought the project to life
Filming took place in a large allotment on the outskirts of Ipswich and this location was the backdrop for all of the interviews. Given that there was only a single day for filming, it wouldn't be possible for us to acquire illustrative imagery for each project, we would be reliant on the content provided to us by the projects and Suffolk Wildlife Trust itself. We did however, film some generic sequences with each of the contributors and also used the allotments themselves to build a stock of images that could potentially apply to any of the project stories - shots of long grass to illustrate the creation of habitats for wildlife, shots of ponds to illustrate mating sites for toads etc.

We filmed each interview and then once that was complete, we filmed the scripted lines with each contributor for the social media clips. The interviews were more relaxed and then we re-framed the shot to focus solely on the contributor looking straight to camera and delivering their lines.

How we made a difference
With little scope for creative production design, the main way we were able to add value to the project was by first ensuring the interviews delivered as much great dialogue as possible and then through strong editorial decision making in the edit - picking the comments that gave the most impact. With the vast majority of illustrative material for each case study being supplied by the groups themselves, our principle role for the feature presentation video was to build the story from the interviews and to make everything look great.

For the social media clips, we packaged each clip with subtitles, to ensure their message would get across even on a muted timeline and we delivered multiple options for each statement - one from each contributor, totalling twenty two in all.

We then also created a number of additional Q&A style videos, to provide some longer form social media content. Each question from the interviews was placed on screen and then each of the contributors gave their thoughts on that particular question. We created a separate video for each question, giving a total of eleven separate Q&A videos.

Given the limitations in production, the finished output for the project made this a very cost effective use of one day's filming and shows that with careful pre-production planning, you can get far more out of a film shoot than you might have originally thought. It is true that all the supplementary packages represented a studio cost but this can be much less than setting up an additional film shoot, so planning for multiple outputs from one shoot is well worth it.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Review Presentation

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Social Clip

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