From the moment Mediapack was first created in 2010, it's sole purpose has been to help organisations produce the best video content they can for their budget. Sometimes this means teaching our clients basic skills so they don't need us, sometimes it means taking on a whole project and providing a 'full service' production function. It's a partnership and we're there to deliver whatever skills or services are needed for any given project.

We like to think that the Mediapack way is unique - it's certainly the most comprehensive and flexible video service we know of. We understand that it's just not financially viable for organisations to commission every single piece of video they might want or need, so they're going to do some of it themselves whatever we might think. We simply want to help in whatever way we can - if it's not by producing the full video, then for us it's just as rewarding to assist or guide the process and to help our clients make more effective content themselves.

So what exactly IS 'the Mediapack way'? It's all about breaking down the components of digital content creation and making them as simple and affordable as possible. Mediapack has two basic service options: 1. Full Service Video Production - we go the traditional route and produce video for our clients, handling every aspect from scripting to upload. 2. Self production support through our Video Toolkit - we support and help our clients to make videos themselves, perhaps teaching them basic skills and then delivering a range of 'bolt-on' functions from studio expertise to a Director for hire, to enhance their own capability.

Many organisations have someone on their staff who makes some kind of video for them and our 'Video Toolkit' simply empowers them to do more or to deliver better outcomes. It's not a question of compromise, with Mediapack everything's possible. It's simply a case of who does what. Without Mediapack, there's just an inflexible choice - either do it all yourself and make the best of it or hire someone to do the whole thing for you.

We don't think that's a great choice and we don't see why it has to be that way. We want our customers to have the widest range of options and the broadest scope of potential to create what they want, when they want and, most importantly, how they want. All we do is support that with a range of service options that fit their situation perfectly, every time.

It's not just the way our technical services work that are empowering. Mediapack is at the cutting edge of digital communications and we operate across the board from online and social to broadcast and live, so we can provide strategic advice to help our clients try new outlets or to identify new opportunities. It all starts with our 'Content Audit' which is a a great way to get an external view on social or video output and to generate some new ideas. We can also create a complete video or social strategy and even mentor staff to help deliver the desired results.

The Mediapack way is transforming content creation. Come on in, the water's lovely!

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