The brief
'This Girl Can' in association with Nottingham City Council wanted to produce three videos for social media output, featuring three inspirational women who had transformed their lives through physical activity. The brief was to focus on key steps they had taken and the help they had received along the way. The objective was not just to gain views but to build a conversation around womens experiences of physical activity and for the content to be shared as widely as possible.

"This project is a great example of how good story telling can carry a simple video"

How we brought the project to life
The videos had been planned for native placement on Facebook and Twitter, as well as YouTube and with limited available budget, production would need to be kept very simple and affordable. We immediately created a production plan that would enable very short filming and editing windows, a fast turn around schedule and a creative look and feel that placed emphasis on text overlays guiding the narrative - an effective approach for social content.

At the commencement of the project, the first subject and shoot had already been identified by project co-ordinator Very Berry Sports Marketing. The venue was the prestigious UK Coaching Awards in London and the subject was Charmaine Daley who was set to lead an impromptu Zumba class on stage at the event, as part of the warm up entertainment. Footage from the event itself was provided by the AV company and we attended to film dialogue sequences both with Charmaine and also special guest and retired Olympic Heptathlon Champion - Denise Lewis.

Following the Zumba production, we then went on to produce two more videos - one, telling the story of a Nordic Walking instructor and the other, an 'in conversation' piece between a 'couch to 5k' runner and her mentor. Both of these two videos were filmed exclusively by us and took just a morning to shoot.


How we made a difference
From the outset, we felt the series needed a strong and unifying hook and so we drew inspiration from Charmaine's big moment at the UK Coaching Awards and created the 'hash tag' #MilestoneMoments. This tag then shaped the focus for each of the other two videos, providing a clear starting point for explaining each woman's journey as a whole - their Milestone Moment being the point where their drive to become more active started to pay dividends.

Key benefits
The strength of the project in a way was its simplicity. The production values were minimal and each video was deliberately designed to be as simple as possible, with text overlays guiding the viewer. We replicated the 'utilitarian' style of many native social media videos but ensured that the story of each contributor remained strong, meaning viewers could very quickly and easily engage with each person and empathise with their experiences.

The value of story telling
This project is a great example of how good story telling can carry a simple video. For this project, we stripped back the production and just maintained basic good practice, while focussing more on drawing out of the contributors powerful comments that viewers could really relate to.  This approach won't suit every project but for social video, it's a formula that can deliver affordable and highly effective content.

This Girl Can – Milestone Moments: The Zumba Instructor

This Girl Can – Milestone Moments: Nordic Walking

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