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Mediapack’s Head of Production – Roger Burlinson – talks about audience engagement in social video

Social video is quite simply engaging and entertaining video content that’s designed specifically for a social media audience, in particular, content that’s good to share.

Audience engagement is the holy grail of social video and it’s critical if you want to have a hope of actually getting your audience to progress to making some form of transaction. People are literally drenched in content 24 hours a day and resistance to corporate promotional messaging in this type of material is rapidly spreading.

So what are you to do?  Well, the answer is really rather simple – stop thinking of social video as a sales tool (that’s what social advertising’s for) and see it as an opportunity to connect with an audience by informing & entertaining them.

OK, so figuring out how to entertain and inform an audience might seem like an even more unsurmountable obstacle than just thinking up ways to use video at all but it doesn’t have to be.

You just have to remove the desire to get people to do something (the sales bit) and replace it with a desire to give something to them (the entertaining and informing bit). It’s as simple as that.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a catchy call to action, give your contact details or even ask them directly to get in touch. It’s how and when you do this that matters.

So many organisations focus on telling people what they are, what they do or why they’re great but the real trick is to take something that your organisation does or something that’s of value and present it to an audience in a way that informs them, encourages their curiosity and stimulates their imagination.  It’s really all about how you package it.

A great exercise is to think of something that your organisation has or does which could potentially feature in a TV documentary. It could be your expert knowledge, it could be personalities on your team, it could be the location of your business. The actual nature of the content doesn’t matter, you just have to put yourself in the shoes of someone switching to a channel on TV and stumbling across a documentary about you. What would interest you, what would you want to know, what would keep you watching?

So, to make social video work for your organisation, put engagement above everything else and find ways to give people what they want and that means something that’s visually stimulating, entertaining, informative or motivational.

Build an audience and you’ll have a chance to sell. Just put out promotional messages and you could well be talking to yourself.

Watch the video here

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